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Mortgage Renewal

Did you know that you can switch your mortgage to another lender and renegotiate your mortgage terms at renewal? Contact your Dominion Financement Commercial mortgage broker for a mortgage that fits your needs and lifestyle!

Renewing at Maturity

Your mortgage will soon be up for renewal and it’s time to negotiate new mortgage conditions? We’ll work along side you to see if there are new opportunities that will help you save money and get the best rate.

Plan Now and Save More

Make an appointment with your broker three to six months before the end of your existing term so that you can shop and compare mortgage deals stress-free. Several options are available to you: fixed or variable interest rate, open or closed mortgage, short or long term, home equity line of credit and the multi project option.

Your mortgage broker will be able to advise you on what’s best.Mortgage renewal is a good time to consider changing your mortgage options to suit your financial goals so that you can accomplish all your plans!By making a list of your projects, evaluating your capacity to pay and assessing your tolerance for risk, you will be able to choose a mortgage that will not compromise your lifestyle.

Mortgage Refinancing

Renewal time is a great opportunity to review your current mortgage needs. Did you know it was possible to refinance your mortgage in order to undertake a renovation project, to travel or even to go back to school?

Visit the section on Mortgage Refinancing and contact your Dominion Financement Commercial broker for more information!

Early Mortgage Renewal

Certain events may lead you to break your mortgage agreement early, such as a divorce, sale of the property, lower rates, death, a job transfer or urgent home repairs. Whatever the reason, it is possible to renegotiate your mortgage, but there are penalties associated with renewing a mortgage ahead of time.

Estimate your Mortgage Penalty

The penalty for breaking your mortgage is evaluated according to the losses sustained by the financial institution following the termination of the contract.

To make sure breaking your contract is worthwhile, it is important to check with your financial institution in order to determine the exact amount of the penalty before making a decision.A lower mortgage rate could actually save you a lot of money and even reduce the total amount of your mortgage!

Your Dominion Financement Commercial mortgage broker will help you determine whether or not the cost of breaking your mortgage is worth the anticipated savings from the lower rates.

Mortgage Refinancing

Have you ever thought of renewing your mortgage to finance a project? Mortgage refinancing may be the best option suited for you!

Visit the section on Mortgage Refinancing and contact your Dominion Financement Commercial broker for more information!