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With our mortgage broker’s services, you can be certain that you’ll find the commercial mortgage loan that makes the most of your project. Whether this is your first investment venture or start-up, or you are an experienced investor and entrepreneur, you will have the best product that best serves your needs with Denis Nadeau.

With Denis Nadeau, you’ll get the best financing offer and the best mortgage rate available!

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Discover a variety of mortgage brokerage services designed specifically for business owners, real estate developers, real estate investors, franchisees and commercial building owners.
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broker who understands your needs

With Denis Nadeau, all your desires will be met. He will recognize your goals and will help you achieve them while saving both, time and money. Like you, he knows that:
  • Your time is limited.
  • You expect solid results.
  • You are searching for a product that gives you more.
  • You want a mortgage broker who’s familiar with the business domain.
  • You like to be updated regularly.
  • You appreciate transparency and competence.
  • You are looking for what’s best for your project?
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Who is Denis Nadeau?

Specialized in commercial loans and income properties, Denis Nadeau is a mortgage broker dedicated to providing you personalized service. He constantly analyzes the market aiming to find the best financing product for your business. Available and proactive, he is convinced that each transaction is unique and that is why he remains on the look for the most advantageous financial products for all his clients. Furthermore, he trades with more than 30 financial institutions. So he is able to get you the exception that will save you thousands of dollars. As a mortgage broker specialized in commercial loans and multi-unit financing, his goal is to get you the best rate as well as a higher loan-to-value ratio.   Discover his career  

Looking to finance your project? Contact me and find a commercial loan or multi-unit conditions more than profitable!


TODAY’S RATES 18 January 2019
5-YEAR FIXED 3.24%

* Certain conditions may apply.
** Multi-unit property mortgages are CMHC-insured over 2 000 000.

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Never Accept the Banker’s First Offer

There is often a deviation of 2 percentage points between the “official” rate and the negotiated rate (see the table). This is far from being negligible. By paying 3% instead of 5% on a $100,000 mortgage, you will reduce your monthly payments by $100. After five years, you will have saved $10,000 in interest. Over a 25-year amortization period, interest savings will be $32,500. When we know that Quebeckers have little financial flexibility, it is merely unfortunate that not everyone try to save that money.

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